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   Is my vehicle required to get a smog check? 

    Your vehicle needs a Smog Check if it is more than six model years old and the model is 1976 or newer.  (This does not include diesel vehicles, motorcycles, electric and hybrid vehicles, and two-cylinder engine vehicles.)

   How often does my vehicle have to be tested?

   Your vehicle must be tested every other year.  A Smog Check is also required if you sell your vehicle and it is more than four model years old.  Some vehicles may require a smog check at a STAR station.

   How long is a Smog Check certificate valid?

   Section 44015 (e) of the California Health and Safety Code states that a Smog Check certificate of compliance or non-compliance is valid for 90 days.

   How can I help my vehicle pass a Smog Check?

   Performing proper and regular vehicle maintenance according to your owner’s manual, and not tampering with the emissions control equipment are keys to passing a Smog Check.

   What happens if my car fails a Smog Check?

   In order to complete your registration, you will need to obtain the repairs necessary for it to pass its Smog Check retest.  Before beginning repairs, find out if you are eligible for the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).

    What is CAP and how do I qualify?

   The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) provides financial assistance to repair or retire a vehicle that fails a Smog Check.

  Repair Assistance – If your DMV renewal notice requires a Smog Check at a STAR station, you may qualify for up to $650 in repair assistance.  You may also qualify if your income is within certain levels, regardless of where you got your Smog Check. 

  Vehicle Retirement – If you feel your car is not worth repairing, the State may buy the car from you for $1,000 and have it scrapped at a local dismantler.  To get a CAP application visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair website.